Columbia Negative Towards Market Consensuses on U.S. Rates

Zach Pandl, Portfolio Manager and Strategist at Columbia Management has published a new fixed income outlook. It explains his more negative views in comparison to some fundamental duration market consensus and provides his explanation for his negativity. Pandl is more negative on three key duration elements compared to market consensus: the amount of slack in the United States […]

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Investec Worries Of Deflation Returning to Eurozone

Russell Silberston, Head of Reserve Management at Investec Asset Management (South Africa) has issued a market outlook that focuses on the Eurozone. This report goes into the problems that the region is having with extremely low inflation levels and warns of possible deflation in the future. Overall, Silberston writes that he and his team are […]

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Upward Trend Still Intact According to KBC

Stephanie Smet, Junior Economist, Siegfried Top, Economist, Dieter Franceus, Economist and Dieter Guffens, Senior Economist all of KBC (Belgium) have issued a new Economic Outlook on the global economy. Dieter Guffens writes that much of the recent disappointing economic performance is a result of temporary hurdles such as harsher than average weather in the United States.  […]

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Generali Optimistic on Growth Prospects in the World Economy

Klaus Wiener, Head of Research, Generali Investments Europe (Italy), has come out with a new Market Perspective focusing on the world economy. Wiener believes that financial markets have recovered from their February lows primarily due to the new consensus view that monetary policy will stay lower for longer. The expectation of looser monetary policy is […]

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Dividends and Emerging Markets Go Well Together Says American Funds

The research team at Capital Group’s American Funds has come out with a new Investment Insight on dividend income from emerging markets. American Funds’ research team writes that investors who focus on emerging markets for volatility exposure may be missing out on excellent income opportunities in the world’s high growth markets. The team notes that […]

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Investec’s Emerging Markets Outlook Focuses on Africa

The research team at Investec Asset Management (South Africa) has recently issued their perspective on emerging markets in Africa. The report includes outlooks on Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia, and Kenya. Overall, it explains concerns over fiscal policies in each of these countries and their potential effects on future growth. Investec starts with Ghana. The research team says […]

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Credit Suisse Sees Room to Grow in Equity Markets

Robert Parker, Senior Adviser, Investment Strategy and Research, Credit Suisse, has issued a new Market Update. Parker predicts that the recent bull market in global equities will continue off of positive macro developments in the world economy. Parker writes that while United States GDP growth for Q1 2014 will be a lower than expected 2.0%, […]

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Morgan Stanley Prefers Developed to Emerging Equity Markets

The research team at Morgan Stanley recently issued a global investment commentary. The report focuses on the team’s preference for developed markets over emerging markets. Looking at the global landscape, the team expects equity markets to outperform predictions due to continued accommodating monetary policy and GDP growth. They say that in the coming year, earnings […]

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ING on Global First Quarter 2014 Performance

Douglas Coté, Chief Market Strategist, ING, has issued a new Global Perspective on the first quarter returns in global financial markets. Coté highlights that in the first quarter, the tenor of information was more diverse than usual; with a mixture of very good and very bad news affecting financial markets globally.  In general, Coté notes […]

Flexible Bond Investors Best Positioned to Benefit From Rate Increases, Says Columbia

Gene Tannuzzo, Senior Portfolio Manager at Columbia Management has issued a new fixed income perspective for the end of the first quarter of 2014. He comments on recent trends and provides predictions for the coming quarter and into next year. Tannuzzo is optimistic about the economic health at the current moment even amid recent weak […]

Standish Mellon: Cash Inflows and Steady Demand Driving Municipal Bond Market

The research team at Standish Mellon Asset Management have issued its municipal bond market perspective for the month of March. The report explains the strong start of the year for the market while acknowledging some potential causes for caution in the future. Looking back at the first quarter, Standish states that the municipal bond market […]

Outlook on Municipals from BlackRock

Peter Hayes, Head of Municipal Bonds Group, Jim Schwartz, Head of Municipal Credit Research and Sean Carney, Director, Municipal Strategist, from BlackRock’s Municipal Investment Team, have come out with a new report on recent developments in the municipal bond market. Hayes, Schwartz and Carney note that aggregate returns in the municipal market for the first […]

Wilmington Trust’s 7 Year Economic Forecast

The research team at Wilmington Trust led by R. Samuel Fraundorf, President, has published their economic forecast for the United States and emerging markets. This report looks out seven years because they believe this is the time period required for economic trends to normalize. Fraundorf explains that he does not see inflation in the United States […]

Cold Spell in the Economy Over Says Franklin Templeton

The research team at Franklin Templeton Investments has issued a new US economic and market overview focusing on the diminished levels of volatility facing United States equity markets. Franklin Templeton writes that US equity markets were broadly positive for February after posting disappointing performance in January. The main positive news for the month was Federal Reserve […]

Amundi on Emerging Market Currency Stability

Ibra Wane, Strategy and Economic Research, Corinne Martin, Equity Analysis and Laurent Paris, Equity Analysis all of Amundi Asset Management (France) have released a new Monthly Cross Asset Research Note focusing on currency stability. The Amunid researchers point out that a number of emerging market currencies are currently under attack after the Argentinian peso’s recent […]

BBVA: Brazilian Manufacturing Sector Losing Competitiveness

Enestor Dos Santos and his research team at BBVA (Spain) have published their economic analysis of Brazil. They explain how the manufacturing sector of Brazil’s economy has faltered in recent years. Dos Santos writes that Brazil’s manufacturing sector has fallen behind the global market. He says that it has lost its competitiveness in the market […]