Pan European Update from Aberdeen

The equity research team at Aberdeen Europe has issued a new commentary focusing on developments in the entire European region. Aberdeen writes that the combination of improved economic data from continental Europe and the United Kingdom as well as loose rate polices globally, have led to a rebound in equity returns across the European Union. Aberdeen […]

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Geography is Key in Asian Emerging Markets Says Invesco

Paul Chan, Chief Investment Officer Asia ex-Japan at Invesco, has issued a new investment strategy report. Chan writes that even in the face of a Federal Reserve driven drought of liquidity, the MSCI Asia ex-Japan index rose 3.4% in the fourth quarter of 2013 giving the index a gain of 3.3% on the year. Chan […]

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Stretched Valuations Explained by MFS

James Swanson, MFS’ Chief Investment Strategist, has written a new report which discusses whether the five-year bull run in equities is close to an end.  While many financial media outlets point to high valuations in equity markets, Swanson highlights the fact that as of March 25th 2014: Earnings per share are much higher than they were during […]

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MFS’ Global Markets Outlook

The research team at MFS Investment Management led by Robert Spector, Institutional Portfolio Manager, Sanjay Natarajan, Institutional Equity Portfolio Manager, and Robert M. Hall, Institutional Fixed Income Portfolio Manager have issued a global markets outlook. The report centers on the threats to the global growth projections, investor concerns about equity valuation, and the necessity for […]

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Economic and Market Forecast from Wells Fargo

The Advisory Services Group at Wells Fargo Advisors has issued a new Economic and Market forecast for March 2014. The Advisory Services Group notes that abnormally cold weather in the northeast United States lead to slower than expected growth forecasts for Q4/2013 and Q1/2014 GDP.  As the economy picks up, the Group expects unemployment to […]

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American Century’s 1st Q Fixed Income Perspective

The research team at American Century Investments has published their fixed income perspective for the first quarter of 2014. The report covers all factors of the market including the economy itself, the state of inflation and interest rates, and the plans for monetary policy by the Federal Reserve. The team also looks at the global […]

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Market Insight from Hartford

Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson, Asset Allocation Strategist at Wellington Management Company and Global Investment Strategist for the Hartford Funds, has issued a market insight for the month of April. The report reiterates her team’s conviction that diversification is very important to current portfolios. Jacobson writes that overall, she is optimistic about the fundamental investing backdrop. She […]

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A Global Economic Perspective from Franklin Templeton

Christopher Molumphy, Michael Materasso, Roger Bayston, Michael Hasenstab and John Beck, all of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group have published a new global economic perspective. The team expects the United States economy to turn the corner as bottlenecks in homebuilding and manufacturing demand pick up in the spring; they also note that employment statistics are beating […]

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Federated’s View in a Flat Curve Environment

Robert J Ostrowski, Chief Investment Officer for the Global Fixed Income Group and Senior Portfolio Manager for Federated Investors, has issued a fixed income outlook for April. The report focuses on the market return to a more flat curve for most fixed income investment options. Ostrowski begins the discussion with the overall fixed income landscape. […]

Credit Outlook from Invesco

Tony Wong, Head of Global Credit Research at Invesco, has published a new credit outlook for April 2014. Wong highlights that fact that Invesco’s macro outlook is positive for credit.  This is mostly based on the belief that policy uncertainty in the developed world has significantly abated relative to 2013.  However, from a private sector […]

Columbia Negative Towards Market Consensuses on U.S. Rates

Zach Pandl, Portfolio Manager and Strategist at Columbia Management has published a new fixed income outlook. It explains his more negative views in comparison to some fundamental duration market consensus and provides his explanation for his negativity. Pandl is more negative on three key duration elements compared to market consensus: the amount of slack in the United States […]

Investec Worries Of Deflation Returning to Eurozone

Russell Silberston, Head of Reserve Management at Investec Asset Management (South Africa) has issued a market outlook that focuses on the Eurozone. This report goes into the problems that the region is having with extremely low inflation levels and warns of possible deflation in the future. Overall, Silberston writes that he and his team are […]

Upward Trend Still Intact According to KBC

Stephanie Smet, Junior Economist, Siegfried Top, Economist, Dieter Franceus, Economist and Dieter Guffens, Senior Economist all of KBC (Belgium) have issued a new Economic Outlook on the global economy. Dieter Guffens writes that much of the recent disappointing economic performance is a result of temporary hurdles such as harsher than average weather in the United States.  […]

Generali Optimistic on Growth Prospects in the World Economy

Klaus Wiener, Head of Research, Generali Investments Europe (Italy), has come out with a new Market Perspective focusing on the world economy. Wiener believes that financial markets have recovered from their February lows primarily due to the new consensus view that monetary policy will stay lower for longer. The expectation of looser monetary policy is […]

Dividends and Emerging Markets Go Well Together Says American Funds

The research team at Capital Group’s American Funds has come out with a new Investment Insight on dividend income from emerging markets. American Funds’ research team writes that investors who focus on emerging markets for volatility exposure may be missing out on excellent income opportunities in the world’s high growth markets. The team notes that […]

Investec’s Emerging Markets Outlook Focuses on Africa

The research team at Investec Asset Management (South Africa) has recently issued their perspective on emerging markets in Africa. The report includes outlooks on Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia, and Kenya. Overall, it explains concerns over fiscal policies in each of these countries and their potential effects on future growth. Investec starts with Ghana. The research team says […]