Pioneer Provides Eurozone Update

In their June 2014 update, Monica Defend, Head of Global Asset Allocation Research and Andrea Brasili, Senior Economist, Europe & EMEA Global Asset Allocation Research for Pioneer Investments, discuss the economic state of the economy in the Eurozone.  Specifically they report on the impact of the elections, prolonged low inflation,

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Mizuho’s Global Outlook Update for 2014-2015

US: Modest growth due to improvements in the household balance sheet and employment. Eurozone: Low but positive growth, as southern economies weigh down growth in capital investments and exports. Asia: China will continue to grow but at a slowing rate, and Japan should expect modest growth due to improvements in

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Looser Monetary Policy Seen in Mexico by AllianceBernstein

Fernando J. Losada, Senior Economist, Latin America Research, AllianceBernstein has released a new Latin America perspectives on the Mexican economy. Losada writes that Banxico (the Mexican Central Bank) surprised many market participants by lowering its target funding rate to 3% from 3.5%.  Not only was the rate drop unexpected, but

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Eaton Vance Comes Up Neutral on Japan

The research team at Eaton Vance has released a new report outlining their neutral outlook on Japan.  Macro-economically,  Eaton Vance predicts that only the monetary policy arrow of Prime Minsters Abe’s ‘three arrows’ economic stimulus plan will be able to lift the country into a better growth position.  Eaton Vance

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BNY Mellon’s Second Half Playbook

Jeff Mortimer, CFA Director of Investment Strategy, BNY Mellon has issued a new Investment Update for the second half of the year.  Mortimer explains his three keys “plays” for success in 2014 and beyond. #1 Embrace Change Mortimer writes that: “by rethinking ahead, investors should review old mindsets and let go

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Legal & General on Asset Allocation

The research team at Legal & General Investment Management (UK) has released a new briefing on their asset allocation strategy.  Legal & General has a negative outlook on assets correlated to the situation in Ukraine, as well as the market consensus for bullish conditions.  In addition, Legal & General warns its clients

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Bull Market Ahead Says OppenheimerFunds

The team at OppenheimerFunds reminds us that bull markets typically do not end with valuations at or below average valuations over the long-term. They cite the contrary, that bull markets end when the economy experiences a long sustaining boom. They argue that although companies have thrived through share buy-backs and

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Matthews’ Perspective on Post-Elections India

Some markets showed gains after the elections in response to the positive outcome but there is a long road ahead to successful economic reforms notes Sunil Asnani, Portfolio Manager at Matthew Asia. First, inflation must be tempered and investment must gain traction in wake of the elections. Investors should focus

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BMO sees Ukraine and Russia on Verge of Recession

BMO Global Asset Management (CAN) has issued a market perspective on the Ukrainian economy and its current tensions. The report focuses on the effects on both the Ukrainian and Russian economies.  The team writes that the Ukrainian economy has already begun to contract, citing a decrease of GDP growth to -1.1%

Get Used to Low Rates says OppenheimerFunds

The team at OppenheimerFunds discusses their view on low rates being sustained for the foreseeable future due to slower-than-expected growth, decline in US Treasury issuance, greater foreign demand for the U.S. dollar, and global central banks reluctance to tighten policy. Market/Sector                                                Outlook U.S. interest rates                                               n/c U.S. economic growth                                         –

Northern Trust Expects US Economy to Pick Up Steam in Second Half

Carl R. Tannenbaum, Chief Economist and Asha G. Bangalore, Economist,  at Northern Trust have released a new briefing on the United States economy and interest rate policy. Tannenbaum and Bangalore note that a 1% drop in first quarter GDP was caused primarily by a 1.6% decrease in inventory stocks due primarily

BNY Mellon Expects Accelerated Global Growth

Richard B. Hoey, Chief Economist, BNY Mellon has released a new economic update on the state of the world economy going into the second half of the year. Hoey notes most analysts recent forecasts of slower than previously expected growth are based off of anemic first quarter conditions that are

Calvert Explains Why “Sell in May and Go Away”, Did Not Happen

Natalie Trunow, Chief Investment Officer, Equities, of Calvert Investment Management, Inc. notes that equity markets were strong in May 2014. Large cap and growth outperformed small cap and value while by sector, equities for Telecoms, IT, and Health Care performed well versus Utilities, Financials, and Energy. Trunow notes that in

Stay Away from Core Fixed Income says Allianz

Kristina Hooper, US Investment Strategist, Allianz Global Advisors has released a new report explaining what happened in the June 18 FOMC announcement. Hooper writes that due to harsh weather in the first quarter of 2014 the Federal Reserve now expects the economy to grow at between 2.1% and 2.3% as opposed

Pioneer on Emerging Markets

Monica Defend, Head of Global Asset Allocation Research, Pioneer Investments, discusses key emerging market countries. In Asia, Defend focuses on China and India. In China, financial and fiscal reforms including mutual market access between Hong Kong and Shanghai Exchanges and local government bond issuances with an independent credit ratings are

TCW on the Low Yield Conundrum

Brian Smith of TCW has released a new fixed income commentary on the future path of interest rates. Smith highlights the recent decrease in interest rates that has caught many investors off guard.  10-year yields have traded at around 2.5% when many were predicting that they would steadily rise to